Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Brandon Green Fan Blog!

Hello and welcome! You'll find all the latest news on Brandon Green right here as the new American Idol season 7 begins. Hopefully Brandon will make it all the way to the show this year, in which case THIS will be the place for updates and results.

Please send in all your Brandon Green media (pics, music, etc) for our multimedia section.

Also look forward to plenty of commentary regarding the new American Idol season 7.

Anyway, keep checking in. We'll update as soon as any news regarding Brandon is available.


Selena said...

I had no idea you were trying out... my mom called me and said she saw you on tv and asked if you were the same brandon green from highschool!! haha..
well i hope you go very far..
ya got my vote!!!

Selena Reed

brandongreene said...

hey man i am brandon greene also, a brooklyn ny musician and songwriter. i got about 15 phone calls tonight of people asking me if i was on idol, so i got curious. this is weird but they said you look kinda like me too, so then i got really curious. are you like my long lost twin man?

my last name has an 'e' at the end of it but other than that we are both brandon green(e)s.

i wish you great success on the show and i am sure you will blow away the rest of the pack, they are a bunch of mediocre hacks anyway, and you got nashville soul brother. me, i got new york soul. maybe we will cross paths in the future, who knows.

you can check me out at:

rock on kid!

peace & hairgrease

brandon greene
brooklyn, ny

adamsmsa said...

Hello Brandon. You probably don't remember me, but I was your 9th grade MS studies and Geography techer at GCHS, Coach Adams. I was watching Idol and recognized you. I was only there for three years and left after your 9th grade year. Any way, I saw you and thought it was cool you were on Idol. Nice job with rich girl by the way. Best of luck to you and I will be pulling for you.

Shane Adams
Brookhaven, MS

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